We agency is the agency of the singular

We agency is convinced that brands, companies and their managers must grow their uniqueness and singular voice to be heard, understood and preferred. We put great values on understanding and expressing this distinctive and unique voice because it is worth much more than clichés, rehearsals and copycats. We know that we need to go beyond the obvious to unveil your voice. We dare to go off the beaten track to find original ideas and assume the difference to make the difference. We give intensity to the relation between brands or companies and their audiences by putting into words, actions and images their distinctive voice and their unique way of doing, being, acting, thinking and speaking that makes them stand out from the crowd.

“The more the universe become standardized, the more I am interested in uniqueness.” filmmaker Claude Sautet once said.

Let’s stand together for uniqueness!

The international network

Looking to provide outstanding global public relations solutions while capitalizing on local agency and team expertise, PRGN was formed in 1992. Each agency adheres to the code of ethics established by the Public Relations Society of America and adopted by PRGN. From the start, the mission was simple: provide first-class public relations services in major geographical regions from principal-level local market experts.

More informations: www.prgn.com / Twitter @PRGN.